CEO & Co-Founder , Project Manager, PR, ICT Manager

Direction Department

Hello! I'm Massimo. Entrepreneur, he has been dealing with public relations for some time. With perseverance and perseverance he is able to connect people and skills useful to the realization of a project, be it music and/or television. He also deals with web and social where he is very active and publicizes the projects in which he is involved.



Co-Founder, Art-Director Manager, Fashion Stilyst, Lookmaker, Show Man, Comunication Manager

Direction Department

Hello! I'm Gigi Les.Autres.An international hair stylist, twice awarded at the Global Salon Business Awards, the world's Oscars of coiffure (in 2006 in Barcelona and in 2008 in Hollywood), Gigi Les Autres today also takes the stage as a protagonist. As a host, he gives life to important radio and television programs and in 2021 he founded with Massimo Bianco Fashion Food Wine.After Fashion Food Wine Channel, a television channel soon to be on air and online with the NCG Television group. "I have always believed in the talent of others. Fashion Food Wine was born precisely to give concrete opportunities and visibility to those who deserve it," explains Gigi Les Autres. "I come from a small town like Boglietto di Costigliole d'Asti, but today I work between Hollywood and Miami. I know from experience that sometimes dreams come true". 



Media Relations

Press Release Department

Hello! I'm Lorenzo . With his own PR agency, ltc - lorenzo tiezzi comunicazione, he takes care of media relations and PR for Fashion Food Wine events and projects. ltc - lorenzo tiezzi comunicazione was founded in 1996 and since then Lorenzo and his team help their clients to communicate their activity in Italy and often around the world.



Radio Speaker and TV host

Radio/TV Comunication Department

Hello! I'm Ivana, I conduct two columns on GRP TV: "Writers on the air" and "Perlarte", as well as dealing with services and interviews in the field of entertainment and culture . I created my web radio, called "Sognare si puo ", in which I transmit columns : I believe in the power of smiles and dreams.  My thought "... you can dream, and it's not a sin ... because if you believe in it and work hard, dreams come true" and so colaborate with Fashion Food Wine events and projects  also.



Filmaker and editor video

Filmmaking Department

Hello! I'm Leonardo, I'm a professional filmmaker and editor with more than 10 years of experience, I have been part of all kinds of productions and videos from editing television programs to corporate videos, music videos and promotional videos. My portfolio which include companies as Rotech or The European Railway Agency .So what do I create? Music Videos, Corporate,Live, Editing and post-production, Aerial Drone, Tutorials, Events and more.