An international hair stylist, twice awarded at the Global Salon Business Awards, the world's Oscars of coiffure (in 2006 in Barcelona and in 2008 in Hollywood), Gigi Les Autres today also takes the stage as a protagonist. As a host, he gives life to important radio and television programs and in 2021 he founded with Massimo Bianco Fashion Food Wine, and the television channel soon to be on air and online with the NCG Television group. "I have always believed in the talent of others. Fashion Food Wine was born precisely to give concrete opportunities and visibility to those who deserve it," explains Gigi Les Autres. "I come from a small town like Boglietto di Costigliole d'Asti, but today I work between Hollywood and Miami. I know from experience that sometimes dreams come true".



A member of the Universal Zulu Nation, Donald D is among the most storied members of the American hip hop scene. He began as an MC on the waves of the Zulu Beat Radio Show with DJ Afrika Islam. Soon after his first single '2,3 Break & Rock The House" with The B-Boys, his second single "Girls" immediately became a huge hit. She has been a star since 1988, when she joined Ice-T' Rhyme Syndicate and moved from the Bronx, New York to Los Angeles and began collaborating with Ice-T.