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THE LOOK OF THE YEAR: Cindy Crawford, Vanessa Incontrada, Nina Moric, Ines Sastre, Natasha Stefanenko,Gisele Bundchen, Linda Evangelista started their careers from THE LOOK OF THE YEAR, event international linked to the world of modeling and privileged research observatory on future supermodels, capable of involve over 50 countries around the world every year.


Diana Dieppa Couture

Diana Dieppa Couture, a name that evokes the elegance of the feminine and classic Made in Italy style. The designer, with twenty years of experience in fashion and television, has created the brand that bears her name, "Diana Dieppa Couture", which is the result of an intense journey between Colombia, where she is originally from, and Rome, which has become synonymous with her inspiration and passion for Made in Italy.


La Fascinante

La Fascinante is a new fashion brand made in Italy born in 2020, signed by the Italo-Colombian designer Lalula Vivenzi created in collaboration with the clothing production company Fuxiamente. It is a brand that is committed to the creation of fair work for the women of the territory. In the future, the brand's goal is also to become a brand known for its sustainable practices in the social and ecological spheres.

NCG Communication

NCG Communication (Network Creativity Generation) is an international digital communication company, having as its main tool its own publishing house and a cinematographic television video production house, capable of producing, editing and disseminating programs, audiovisual products, books, magazines and web services of an educational, cultural, scientific, sports, social and entertainment nature, distributed via the Internet, in particular on the Web TV platform called NCG Television, also promoted in the form of Affilate Network Marketing.