Ivana Posti

I was born in Basel (Switzerland) on July 14, 1965, I live and work in Turin.  I deal with commercial consultancy in the field of communication, as well as following the organization of various kinds of events;  I was part of the Miss World Piedmont and Liguria staff for a few years, I organized fashion shows, exhibitions and poetry events, book presentations and activities.  I love writing, drawing and photography, which I have always considered consoling.  A splendid anti-stress method that allows you to get rid of negative thoughts, leaving them on the paper together with the ink.  The passion for writing dates back to school, but only recently did I realize this dream with the publication, in 2009, of a collection of poems in e book entitled "30 years of heart ... or thereabouts", in addition to a book of nursery rhymes for the little ones "Aunt Ivana's nursery rhymes" (Faligi Editore), which since 2011 has been distributed in bookstores in the form of a booklet to read and color.  I am particularly attached to the short story "That strange click", published in April 2013 (Faligi Editore).  Linked to the emotional problems faced during the obsessive search for a missed motherhood, he received a report of merit Prose Unedited - National Literary Arts Award IX Edition City of Turin, October 2012. I follow and organize with passion, also dealing with communication, events of various kinds .  Arts, fashion, poetry, books, photography and music.  Passion that led me to create and conduct two columns on GRP TV: "Writers on the air" and "Perlarte", as well as dealing with services and interviews in the field of entertainment and culture.  I am particularly proud to have followed, together with Maria Rosa Quaglia and Danilo Torrito, for three consecutive editions, the "Giocottovolante", an "extravagant" evening of music, colors and poetry - Arte Città Amica.  I approached the radio world by conducting on Radio Cross Over Disco, for about four years, a program entitled "Sognare si possibile", with guests in the studio.  On Radio Torino I hosted a program with Roberto Mare for a while.  I created a thematic radio on the web for a Piedmontese company, of which I was Artistic Director and of which I took care of programming and programming, as well as playing the role of speaker.  Later, again on the web, I created my own reality called "Dreaming you can", in which I send various columns, treating the issues lightly and, when possible, with joy: I believe in the power of a smile and of a dream.  My thought "... you can dream, and it's not a sin ... because if you believe in it and work hard, dreams come true" is also the name of my page on Facebook.  I also believe that love and inner beauty will save the world.  From 2021 a project has begun that sees me present on video, during my conversations with guests, on Istrione Tv 5, a channel of which I am the Artistic Director.  A new, exciting experience in a broadcaster that has reached seven years of life with an ever-growing following!