SHENGZE FASHION WEEK 2021, June 19/2021

SHENGZE FASHION WEEK 2021, June 19/2021
The collaboration between Diana Dieppa, Diana Dieppa Couture, a Made in Italy brand loved by superstars such as Sofia Vergara and Shakira, and Gigi Les Autres, international hair stylist and fashion advisor, has gone from strength to strength.
Diana Dieppa Couture will, in fact, be one of the flagship brands of Fashion Food Wine Week, the event that Gigi Les Autres is organizing in Miami in July 2021. And right now, Gigi Les Autres is working on every detail of the runway show that Diana Dieppa Couture will propose on Saturday, June 19, 2021, in China at Shengze Fashion Week.
Diana Dieppa Couture, among other things, will be the only Italian brand present at a truly important event in a growing market for luxury and Italian fashion such as China. Just in China, in Guangzou, the brand has already won the "Elegance in Fashion of the Silk Road" award, after presenting the new 2021 collection "Divina Eleganza" in Dubai during the show last January.
"My idea of fashion is far from the rush of trends and the novelties of the moment, which would already be forgotten in a few weeks," says Diana Dieppa. "My inspiration is always the woman. I create clothes that enhance her and often bring to the catwalk ideas I started working on 15 years ago. Because every garment, in some sense, tells my story."
Diana Dieppa Couture is a name that evokes the elegance of feminine and classic Made in Italy style. The designer, with twenty years of experience between fashion and television, created the brand that bears her name, "Diana Dieppa Couture", which is the result of an intense journey between Colombia, where she is originally from, and Rome, which has become synonymous with her inspiration and passion for Made in Italy.
"I'm Colombian and I've also lived in the US, but my fashion is closely linked to Made in Italy, to the way certain fabrics fall, to the timeless elegance of Italian fashion history," continues Diana Dieppa. "My clothes don't go unnoticed, but my goal is never to amaze or create clothes that only work on the catwalk. Instead, I aim for versatility: the same dress can be worn to a restaurant lunch or a party with best friends."
If clothes are at the heart of every fashion show, everything that makes them look even more important is equally important. "Through my hair and make-up work for this show I tried to interpret Diana's message. Her fashion always focuses on femininity, elegance and sensuality," says Gigi Les Autres.
The hairstyles created by Gigi Les Autres are a counterpoint to the clothes. "The hair is semi-sheer, often asymmetrical. In fact, the hairstyles are designed to 'fill in' the spaces left vacant by Diana's dresses, which are often asymmetrical themselves."
As for make-up, Gigi Les Autres chose natural effects. "The lips will be pink, the make-up will be naturally decided, for a very fresh ceramic effect." There's also a surprise in terms of Diana Dieppa's iconic letter. "With a special gold effect, we put D, Diana Dieppa's symbol, back on the skin. It's hard to explain in words, but when you see it, it's certainly surprising."

Diana Dieppa Couture

Passion, talent, discipline, authenticity and a strong commitment to Woman, to enhance her femininity with her Made in Italy clothes, these are the cornerstones and values that distinguish Diana Dieppa, not only as a woman, but also as a brand: a new brand for a woman who gets excited and asserts her sensuality, elegance and femininity; because her life itself is an emotion with a single purpose: to realize the dreams of a girl who has always seen in fashion her world and its truest essence. Diana Dieppa Couture is growing strongly internationally. The brand has been awarded with important prizes: the "Design Fashion Award" in 2017 and "Glamour Design" in Paestum in 2019. In 2021, in Guangzou, China, she then won the "Elegance in Fashion of the Silk Road" award after presenting the new 2021 collection "Divine Elegance" in Dubai during the Expo in January. On 19 June 2021, the brand returns to China as a special guest for Shengze Design Week. And in July, it will once again be an international protagonist in Miami for its first fashion show on North American soil.
👉🏻 Gigi Les Autres

An international hair stylist, twice awarded at the Global Salon Business Awards, the world's Oscars of coiffure (in 2006 in Barcelona and in 2008 in Hollywood), Gigi Les Autres today also takes the stage as a protagonist. As a host, he gives life to important radio and television programs and in 2021 he founded with Massimo Bianco Fashion Food Wine Channel, a television channel soon to be on air and online with the NCG Television group. "I have always believed in the talent of others. Fashion Food Wine was born precisely to give concrete opportunities and visibility to those who deserve it," explains Gigi Les Autres. "I come from a small town like Boglietto di Costigliole d'Asti, but today I work between Hollywood and Miami. I know from experience that sometimes dreams come true".

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